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Hope for Autism through Music Therapy

Jammin Jenn is a Music Therapist in New Jersey. Educated at The Boston Conservatory of Music and NYU she has performed all over the world. Now a mother of two she channels all of her energy into helping children through music. Please become a "fan" of Jammin Jenn on Facebook


Autism Symptoms 1 Review

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Stem Cell Treatment Child Autism This is Gabriel Whiting, child patient with autism that went through a stem cell treatment for child autism. Here you can see the before and after of the treatment Another satisfied mom and child who are very happy with the work of ASCAAC! Visit the American Stem Cell and Anti Aging website for more information! We have had very good results with stem cell therapy for child autism!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 --- ABA Therapy Helps Staff Understand Autism Even While Treating It There is little doubt that this training offers a world of benefit to children with autism. ABA therapy also offers remarkable benefits for all those who teach it, including not only parents, but teachers, guidance counselors, and school support personnel as well. ABA training does more than teach children, it educates adults on how autism really works, helping them to understand things that even many doctors fail to understand. After taking ABA training, educators of all types are able to understand the way the brain works in children with autism and the benefits of the specific training methods used in ABA. When your school teaches ABA training to staff members, everyone involved will be able to understand both autism and its treatment more clearly. ABA training is the best education tool for students and teachers alike. For more information,please visit:


My disgust at how a disabled person was treated by agencies

An autistic person can look just like anyone else. Never judge a book by its cover. That is the trouble with NTs they tend to judge on looks. If I had a penny for the amount of people that have told me that I look normal to them and can't be autistic I would be very rich indeed. I have noticed that if someone has severe autism it is noticeable and people do understand. However if they seem to act normal then suddenly slap their face etc people go mental and think they are going to beat them up or something. The same goes for the job market. Jobs are all geared towards Social Structure and as such are not very Aspie Friendly.
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Latest Autist Patients News

Autism in America: What do the new stats mean for families?
When the new DSM will be published there is going to be a re-grouping of autism spectrum disorders. It is going to be a big change. Will affect how people are diagnosed, categorized and help doctors see how their patients might change as they grow. by ...
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We need to move forward to find a cause for Autism without fear to question and innovate and just maybe get closer to understanding what we're dealing with and where it comes from. It was when the vaccine manufacturers stopped using mercury and added other preservatives like phenoxyethanol and formaldihyde that can affect immune systems, and started using human tissue to grow virus' for vaccines, that an increase in autism incidences occurred. It could be human DNA contained in the MMR--measles, mumps and rubella—vaccine, that's a cause. It's been observed that spikes in autism rates occurred when human tissue was first used in the MMR II vaccine in 1983, and again in 1988 when a second MMR II shot was added for some children, and then yet again in 1995 when they began using a chicken pox vaccine grown in human fetal tissue. There are possible causes that we must immediately investigate.

It's not surprising that so many parents are so worried about autism. After all, the disorder strikes about one out of every 115 kids, its prevalence seems to be growing, and its cause or causes remain mysterious. A 1998 article published in the British medical journal The Lancet generated enormous impact by proposing a link between autism and childhood vaccines. Since then, celebrity activists like Jenny McCarthy have argued that common shots like the measles, mumps, and rubellla vaccine (MMR) trigger autism. Countless media stories have covered the alleged link. Some parents take to the streets to protest the federal government's vaccine policy and thousands more take the issue to court. Many others, like Kelly Green, who runs and is the mother of an autistic child, feel overwhelmed by the information flooding in from both sides of the debate. Jim Moody of the think tank Safe Minds blames the federal government for not being honest about the threat and failing to provide reliable information on the matter. But researchers like UC Santa Barbara's Lynn Koegel say the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines do not cause autism. Recently, the debate took another turn when The Lancet retracted the 1998 article that did so much to spark the controversy. Will the retraction finally allay parents' worries or will some continue to resist vaccinations? "Do Vaccines Cause Autism?" is written and produced by Ted Balaker, who also hosts. Producer: Hawk Jensen; Associate ...

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Autisms Symptoms and Signs

Autisms Symptoms and Signs What are the symptoms of autism in children and todlers? When do children with autism first show signs? This video covers autism signs and symptoms, give an autism checklist, and helps parents tell if their children have autism. Whether mild or severe autism symptoms, anyone can lead a happy and successful life regardless of their autism symptoms.
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Honest Thoughts From a Sibling: I am Affected By Autism Too…

Honest Thoughts From a Sibling: I am Affected By Autism Too…
I remember my mother explaining the basics of leaky gut and why Beau had to eat GFCF foods when I was maybe five, and later when I was maybe seven or eight talking to me about heavy metals and chelation. These conversations not only made me feel ...
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Community Calendar, April 21
Doubles tournament sponsored by the Dutch Fork Civitan Club with proceeds to benefit the SC Autism Society and Civitan International Research Center. $ 25 per person; $ 50 per team. Information, rules and registration at ...
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A Parent's Guide to Responding to a Child's Autism Diagnosis

A Parent's Guide to Responding to a Child's Autism Diagnosis
What are the first things a parent should do after receiving an autism diagnosis for their child? In this Autism Awareness Month, there is no shortage of answers to that question, particularly since the month began with the news of an increased rate of ...
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Son battles back after autism diagnosis
He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old. But with specialized treatment his symptoms of the disease have been reduced. Ethan Goins slides down a slide at Oscar Park in Iowa Park. He was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old.
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