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HCISD provides services to students with autism

HCISD provides services to students with autism
The behaviors can include not speaking, repetitive behaviors and poor social skills, which are now called Autism Spectrum Disorder. The symptoms range from highly-functioning autism with strong verbal skills to those who don't speak at all. The ...
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Trauma, Illness During Pregnancy Linked To Psychiatric Disorder In Child
Researchers found that stressors may activate a single molecular trigger in brain cells that can go awry and activate conditions such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder and some forms of autism. The new study identifies a molecular ...
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Doctors Say There is No Evidence Proving Vaccines Link to Autism
Doctors say it's because childhood immunizations typically occur between 6 and 18 months, which just so happens to be the time when symptoms of autism first become noticeable. Another common debate is over thimerosal, which is a preservative used in ...
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Creative Energy Discovers Hot Tubbing Improves Autism Symptoms

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Creative Energy is proud to announce that several of their products have been proven to be beneficial to health. A recent study by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology has concluded that hot tubbing improves autism symptoms. This news will surely surprise many parents whose children suffer from autism.

During the study, immune system regulation was linked to hot water bathing. Researchers have discovered that soaking in a 102-degree hot tub can improve the social behavior of children with autism. The study was published in December 2013 by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology and can be found at

Dr. Eric Hollander, director of the Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, led a study that compared the behavior of 15 children after soaking in 98-degree water and the behavior of the same children after soaking in 102-degree water. The behaviors were significantly improved after the hotter sessions.

The improvement is similar to the behavior changes that occur when children have a fever. Researchers have found that the heat triggers the bodys release of anti-inflammatory signals. Inflammation that results from an overactive immune system is linked to autism. Often confused to be a disease, autism is a developmental disorder that appears within the first 3 years of life, and affects the brains normal development of social and communication skills.

For the bath study, 15 children with autism spent alternate days soaking in a 102-degree hot tub versus a 98-degree hot tub. The findings showed that social behaviors improved on the 102-degree hot tub days. The results validate earlier reports that about one-third of people with autism show an improvement in symptoms when they are running a fever.

Parents have said when their child got fevers, they see a marked improvement in autism, said Rob Ring, Ph.D., chief science officer of Autism Speaks. This has been reported for years. This study is just one angle you can take experimentally to get at whether this is a true response.

These new studies are resurfacing what ancient cultures knew millennia ago- Immersion in hot water can be good for the body, mind and spirit. Besides providing a relaxing hydrotherapy experience, hot tubs and portable spas provide many health benefits, especially for people suffering from arthritis, diabetes, sleep deprivation and now quite possibly autism.

A long, soothing soak in a Hot Spring


Survey Commissioned by Special Olympics Suggests Finding Work is Difficult, but Twice as Hard for Those with an Intellectual Disability

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

This was the finding of a national survey, The National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Labor Force was commissioned by Special Olympics, conducted by the Center for Social Development and Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston and administered by Gallup.

This survey painted a bleak picture for those with Intellectual Disabilities which can include individuals with Autism and Down Syndrome, but the vast majority of cases are those with limited intellectual capacity generally an IQ of about 75 or less and limitations in handling basic life skills, such as counting money or taking public transportation.

The survey found that only 34% of adults with ID are employed, but nearly 75% of those adults are working part-time for below the minimum wage. "Unfortunately, the way our government benefit system is designed, it forces individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to choose between more hours and losing necessary, life sustaining government benefits," states Ryan Platt, Founder of A Special Needs Plan and Creator of Ryan continues, "This national survey illustrates the lack of opportunity that exists for those with ID, and my concern is that even if more opportunity existed would our folks with ID be able to take advantage the opportunities due to the possible loss of government benefits based on an increase in income."

It is unfortunate that as the prevalence of Intellectual Disabilities has skyrocketed over the past 4 decades the opportunities in the workforce has not followed. "The needle has not changed in more than four decades," said Gary Siperstein, professor at the University of Massachusetts and one of the authors of the study. "We just can't move the barometer. And we've invested a lot of resources with lots of good programs around the country."

The National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Labor Force continues to hit home the point that individuals with Intellectual Disabilities are continually put in a position of needing support for their lifetime. They are unable to count on a job to help them pay their bills. "Special Needs Planning continues to be of critical importance for families that have a loved one with an Intellectual Disability. It is crucial that parents and caregivers have a well-thought out plan that includes how to provide for the lifetime needs of their child, and that they take action on that plan in order to make it a reality," insists Ryan Platt of A Special Needs Plan.

More about A Special Needs Plan:

A Special Needs Plan is a special needs planning firm founded in the belief of L.I.F.E. Lasting Independence For Everyone. They are an advisory firm with a mission of helping more than a million families secure that Independence throughout their childs life.

To learn more, visit or

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Autism on the Seas Launches the Cruise Industry’s First Autism-Friendly Ship Certification Standard & Training Program

Shelton, CT (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Autism on the Seas (AotS), the leading travel organization catering to vacationers with autism and other developmental disabilities, today announced the introduction of the travel industrys first Autism Friendly Certification Standard & Training Program for cruise lines. Royal Caribbean International is the first cruise line to receive Autism Friendly certification] is the first cruise line to receive certification from Autism on the Seas, thereby assisting with reasonable accommodations for inclusion and participation by guests with autism and developmental disabilities. Effective immediately, Royal Caribbeans entire fleet is comprised of Bronze Level certified Autism Friendly ships. The fleet is expected to achieve Silver Level certification by the end of 2014.

Offering cruise lines a Standard that includes training for their staff to effectively accommodate the needs of the growing and under served autism community marks a turning point in the travel and cruise industry, says Mike Sobbell, founder and president of Autism on the Seas. We are very proud to bring Royal Caribbean on as our first Autism Friendly Cruise Line Certified partner. Royal Caribbeans involvement and initiative to accommodate this community is to be commended, and will open the door towards filling the gap for special needs families seeking a vacation designed for their wide range of unique requirements.

"We are honored to be the first cruise line to achieve Autism Friendly certification," said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, executive vice president of Operations for Royal Caribbean International. "Royal Caribbean is a global leader in taking guests to unforgettable destinations and is committed to catering to vacationers of all abilities. We have worked with Autism on the Seas for more than seven years to better provide accessible cruise vacation options for families with autism."

About Autism on the Seas Cruise Line Autism Friendly Certification Standard & Training

Autism on the Seas Cruise Line Autism Friendly Certification Standard is designed as a guideline for cruise lines to ensure their pre-cruise and onboard services, venues and amenities are accessible for inclusion and participation by the autism and developmental disability community. The reasonable accommodations to comply with this Standard are, and can be, customized to each cruise lines policies, procedures and ships, to ensure sustainability and effectiveness in retaining the scope and intent of the certification. Certifications are awarded by individual ship. Depending on the certification level, ships may be required to conform to seven categories, including:



37th Annual Guiding Eyes Golf Classic With NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Tees Off June 9th

Westchester County, N.Y. (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning returns on Monday, June 9, to host Guiding Eyes for the Blinds 37th annual Golf Classic alongside the countrys best blind golfers and magnificent Guiding Eyes dogs. The two-day outing, anticipated to raise more than $ 700,000, will be held at two of the regions most esteemed courses Mount Kisco Country Club in Mount Kisco, NY and Fairview Country Club in Greenwich, CT.

Founded by PGA legend Ken Venturi in 1977, the Guiding Eyes Golf Classic has raised over $ 8 million since its inception. As part of the Classic, Guiding Eyes will also present the Corcoran Cup, the Masters of blind golf, on Sunday, June 8. Fourteen of the country's top blind golfers will vie for the coveted trophy, each with the help of a coach who aids in club selection, alignment, setup and distances. On Monday, blind golfers will challenge their sighted counterparts to experience golf as a visually impaired person by inviting them to take a shot at hitting the ball blindfolded.

Manning was first introduced to Golf Classic through family friend and 24-time Corcoran Cup champion Patrick W. Browne, Jr., who taught Eli and his son, Patrick III, how to golf as boys. This is my eighth year hosting Guiding Eyes Golf Classic and its very special to me, says Manning. Since Ive been a part of this, Ive learned so much about how these dogs affect lives. Every year, I listen to people tell their story about how theyre able to accomplish so much more, and to fulfill so many different talents in their lives because of having guide dogs. Thats been very rewarding for me.

Current sponsors for the 37th annual Guiding Eyes Golf Classic include:

Diamond Sponsors: Entergy, Gatorade

Platinum Sponsors: Canine Company, John Donnelly and South Eastern Farms / Safe Harbor Risk Management

Gold Sponsors: A. DeVito & Son, Bill Bradley, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Hill's / Colgate and Skanska

Media Sponsor: Westfair Communications

Silver Sponsors: Aero Hardware, AFCO AvPORTS Management LLC, CBS Sports Sales, Citibank, Cum Laude Group, Empire Merchants, Friends from Vero Beach, Harriet and Bob Druskin, Ken Nilsen, Marilyn & Stanley Cohen Foundation, Paul Holland, Pepper Hamilton LLP and Freeh Group International Solutions, Rolex, The Stewart Family Foundation, Turner Broadcasting and Wilson & Son Jewelers

During the Classic, Guiding Eyes will honor John DeVito as Sponsor of the Year and London Nielsen as Volunteer of the Year. DeVito, a Katonah resident and owner of A. DeVito & Son, is a long-time Guiding Eyes supporter and is leading the building of the organizations future Canine Development Center. Nielsen, a manager at PepsiCo, volunteers as a home socializer for Guiding Eyes puppies, collaborates on marketing strategy and has taken the lead to support volunteer building project days.

We are incredibly grateful to our generous supporters and dedicated volunteers for making the Golf Classic an overwhelming success year after year, said Sue Dishart, vice president of marketing and development at Guiding Eyes. There are many ways to get involved in this unique event and make a difference in someones life.

Guiding Eyes online auction, which goes live on June 2, includes everything from signed sports memorabilia to exotic vacations and exclusive experiences. Items can be viewed at

In addition, Guiding Eyes will raffle a new 2014 Lexus IS 250 and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold at $ 100 each. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 914.761.7111. The Lexus is sponsored in part by Lexus Mt. Kisco. Watch provided by Rolex.

Hole sponsorships and journal advertising are also still available. Spectators are welcome at the Corcoran Cup; registration is required for gallery seating. For more information on the Golf Classic, contact Tricia McTernan at 914.761.7111 or tricia(at)hrginc(dot)net.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is located at 611 Granite Springs Road in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. They can be reached at 914.245.4024 or by visiting For the latest news, please visit Guiding Eyes on Facebook and on Twitter

About Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is an internationally accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit guide dog school founded in 1954. Since its inception, Guiding Eyes has grown to be one of the foremost guide dog schools in the world, known for its cutting-edge training programs, commitment to excellence, and dedication to its elite and superbly trained guide dogs. In 2008, the school launched Heeling Autism, a service dog program designed to provide safety and companionship for children on the autism spectrum. Guiding Eyes provides all of its services at no cost, and is dependent upon contributions to fulfill its mission. The organizations Headquarters and Training Center is located in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. and its Canine Development Center is in Patterson, N.Y. For more info, visit, like Guiding Eyes on Facebook ( or follow @guidingeyes on Twitter.

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Vocational Rehabilitations On-the-Job Training Helps with Skills Needed for Full Time Job

Tallahassee, FL (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Most of the time, a mother knows when there is something wrong with her child, even if she cant pinpoint exactly what it could be. Sara Rossmans mom had always felt that there was something in addition to the previously diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder that was affecting her daughters social skills.

It wasnt until she started working with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor Lynn Picolo that Sara was also diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum. VR is a state agency that helps people with disabilities find or keep a job.

Lynn, who has experience counseling people who have autism, immediately placed Sara in social skills classes. She also set her up in VRs On-the-Job Training (OJT) program, which gives people with disabilities the chance to try out a profession and learn job skills alongside other employees. Sara learned office skills, including filing, scanning, archiving, and photocopying, while working for the Independent Living program at VR headquarters.

After completing her OJT, Sara was hired full time as a staff assistant for the contracted services section at VR. She now does the same office duties that she learned during her OJT, as well as pre-auditing invoices and occasionally answering the phones. Sara has an exceptional eye for detail, so we have her edit all of our documents, says Cathy McEachron, Saras supervisor.

Sara has blossomed in her job at VR with support from her co-workers. She has become more open to new assignments and is more willing to step out of her comfort zone. Were thrilled to have her here, Cathy says. And its been great to see her grow and become more confident and happy with her job.

To other employers who may be concerned about hiring someone who has a disability, Cathy says, Frankly, I dont even see her disability. It doesnt factor in at all. Shes qualified for the job, and she does a great job.

Lynn is very proud of Sara and says that shes come a long way in the short time she was a VR customer. Once we had her diagnosed, we were able to put her in the programs where she would benefit the most, says Lynn. I have so many young adults on my caseload who have autism who just need a chance to prove themselves on the job, and Im really glad VR was able to give her that chance.

Lynn was great. She was fun and Im glad I got to work with her, Sara says. I think if I didnt have VR, Id be jobless and at home sleeping all day. Id like to let other people with disabilities know that there are places that can help, you should apply for VR.

People with disabilities in search of employment, vendors and Florida employers who are interested in taking part of this uplifting and gratifying experience, are encouraged to contact VR at (800) 451-4327.

About Vocational Rehabilitation

Floridas Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a federal-state program committed to helping people with disabilities become part of Americas workforce. VR has 80 offices across Florida, and last year helped 6,523 Floridians with significant disabilities find or keep a job. For more information about VR and its services, call (800) 451-4327 or visit


Buffalo therapy for autistic children

Buffalo therapy is giving autistic children a new lease of life at the Artillery Centre in Lop Buri.


Ask an Autistic – What is Autistic Burnout?

Is it possible to become "more autistic"? Why is my child suddenly having more meltdowns? What is autistic burnout? What causes it, and what does it look lik...
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The Prevalence of Autism Rises: 1 in 68 American Children Now Living with Autism

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data with regard to the prevalence of autism in the United States. This surveillance study identified 1 in 68 children (1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls) as having an autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Speaks has visited all 535 Congressional offices, organized statements from Republican and Democratic leaders in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in support of a national plan of action, and held a press conference in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center with Congressional leaders to address the urgent and long-term needs of people affected by autism.

Behind each of these numbers is a person living with autism, said Liz Feld, President of Autism Speaks. Autism is a pressing public health crisis that must be prioritized at the national level. We need a comprehensive strategy that includes the research community, policymakers, educators, and caregivers coming together to address our communitys needs across the lifespan.

Data also show that differences in autism prevalence continue to be seen along race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic lines, reminding us that disparities in awareness and access to care continue to be an issue. "Autism knows no racial, ethnic, or socio-economic boundaries, Ms. Feld went on to say. Thats why weve got to ensure that every family, from every community in America has access to quality, affordable health care treatment and services."

This report also sheds light on other key issues facing the autism community today, said Robert Ring, Chief Science Officer at Autism Speaks. Though autism can be identified and diagnosed as early as age two, the average age of initial diagnosis continues to hover around four and a half years. This means that many individuals are missing out on the transformative outcomes that intensive early interventions can offer. If were going to make a direct and meaningful impact in the lives of these children, reducing the average age of diagnosis must be a priority moving forward.

Autism Speaks is currently driving a federal policy agenda that would have a direct impact on the autism community. This includes reauthorizing the Combating Autism Act, which would continue to secure funding for autism research and promote accountability in how these dollars are spent; passing the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, which would provide tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities; and urging Congress to improve TRICARE and increase access and coverage of evidenced-based treatment services for military families.

Autism Speaks is the worlds leading autism science and advocacy organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, and treatments for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.


California Neuropsychologist Offers Cutting-Edge Roadmap for Educational Success during Autism Awareness Month

La Palma, California (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

April is Autism Awareness Month, and the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cite 1 child in 68 affected by autism. This represents an astounding number of children. Now more than ever, innovative integrative education is needed to help children with autism reach their true potential.

The trademark deficits of autism include impairments in communication, socialization, and behavior. Other diverse symptoms include lack of motor coordination, seizures, and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Skyhorse Publishings annual reference volume Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism features author, nurse, and neuropsychologist Dr. Mary Joann Lang talking about the integrative education model: Using an innovative model that will enhance learning is critical to academic, social-emotional, and motor development. An integrated approach to learning will provide students with more learning opportunities and thus be able to generalize their knowledge, social skills, and motor ability. Understanding this approach is critical to educational planning. The goal of education in a students life needs to focus on the whole child versus simply the results of standardized testing, which may skew the teachers perspective of the students ability.

Mary Joann Lang, PhD, ABPN, BCBA-D, a doctoral level board certified behavior analyst directs the Beacon Day School in La Palma, California, a progressive integrative center established over a decade ago, providing applied behavior analysis; occupational, speech, physical, music, and art therapies; nursing, transition, social skills, and community-based services; and more. Please contact Olga S. Lee, SPHR, Director of Operations & HR, for further information and interviews.