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Y.A.L.E. School to Host Science Night and Open House

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 07, 2014

Y.A.L.E. School, a licensed private school serving students with autism and other learning differences, is pleased to announce an Open House and Science Night, featuring Dr. Paul Halpern of the University of the Sciences.

A physicist and noted author, Halpern will talk to teens about the concept of time travel throughout fictional literature, movies, TV, and pop culture and will discuss the scientific themes behind it, from Rip Van Winkle to Back To The Future and Doctor Who. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Fulbright Scholarship, and an Athenaeum Literary Award, Halpern has appeared on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the PBS series "Future Quest," and even "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special."

The event, which is free of charge and open to the public, will take place on Thursday, October 30 from 7:00- 9:00 pm at Y.A.L.E. Schools newest campus located in the vibrant Manayunk section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Y.A.L.E. School offers an environment dedicated to cultivating the strengths, interests, and abilities of students on the autism spectrum and with related differences. The program, designed for students grades 6-8, offers a highly individualized, challenging and creative curriculum for those who are academically capable, but who experience difficulties because of sensory, social competency, executive function, anxiety or learning differences.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Halpern to Y.A.L.E. Schools Manayunk campus for our first Science Night, said Lauren Bell, campus supervisor. His talk is a perfect fit for our students, who enjoy hands-on, project-based learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) through classroom and community resources that encourage discovery and exploration.

Attendees can also tour the school, meet the faculty and staff and enjoy refreshments! The event is offered free of charge, but registration is requested. To register, go to our Eventbrite page.

For more information, call (215) 839-0525, or go to


The Autism Handbook

Order a copy of The Autism Handbook at Autism can sometimes feel like you are lost in a maze The Autism Handbook may be one of the...
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BFE Software Suite Authors Lynda and Michael Thompson to Present Neurofeedback Workshop in Stoney Lake, Ontario

London, England (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

From June 2-6, 2014 and from Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2014, Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson will be presenting a workshop on Neurofeedback Fundamentals in beautiful Stoney Lake, ON. The bi-annual workshop gives professionals the opportunity to train with two of the most recognized professionals in the field. In addition to running the ADD Centre and the Biofeedback Institute of Toronto, the Thompsons have taught about neurofeedback and biofeedback in 25 countries on five continents and present frequently at professional meetings in these fields. Past workshops have welcomed participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, United States, and Canada.

The Neurofeedback Fundamentals workshop will follow the The Neurofeedback Book: An Introduction to Basic Concepts in Applied Psychophysiology by Thompson and Thompson. The workshop is suitable for clinical EEG biofeedback practitioners of any disciplinary background (psychologists, physicians, nurses, teachers, etc.) who wish to learn more about this field. It provides a review of basic knowledge and will cover topics from areas that comprise the blueprint of knowledge for specialty certification in EEG biofeedback developed by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. This workshop combines comprehensive instruction with an experience of Canada's North. The location is Viamede Resort near Burleigh Falls, an inn on the shores of Stoney Lake in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes District of northeast Toronto.

Neurofeedback Fundamentals Workshop

Presenter: Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson

Date: June 2-6, 2014 and Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2014

Location: Stoney Lake, ON Canada

Contact: ADDCentre(at)gmail(dot)com or

Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson are also co-authors of two software suites available through the Biofeedback Federation of Europe. Their suites - "Setting Up for Clinical Success" and "Specialized Application Scripts" - give a helping-hand to any therapist looking to advance client care with bio/neurofeedback. The software, compatible with the BioGraph Infiniti System, includes an in-depth collection of screens and scripts for a wide spectrum of client disorders and needs. The Thompsons' design and methods extend to ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, autism, anxiety , depression, optimal performance training, seizures, stress and more. Each display arranges different relevant physiology and EEG bandwidth statistics, such that every individual possible requirement for clinical treatment is covered within the whole suite. The "Setting Up For Clinical Success" suite provides all the display screens for independent training, while the "Specialized Application Scripts" suite provides pre-defined 20-to-30 minute long protocols for training ADD/ADHD, seizures, Aspergers, dyslexia, depression and optimal performance.

Drs. Lynda & Michael Thompson

Dr. Lynda and Michael Thompson are based in Toronto, Canada where they run the ADD Centre. They have taught workshops in neurofeedback and biofeedback on five continents. Lynda Thompson, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with a background in teaching. She has authored various books, like The A.D.D. Book: New Understandings, New Approaches to Parenting Your Child (1998) co-authored with paediatrician William Sears. Michael Thompson, MD formerly practiced medicine in addition to serving as Associate Professor and head of post-graduate education in Psychiatry, University of Western Ontario, psychiatric consultant to The Hospital for Sick Childrens neurology department, examiner for the Royal College of Physicians (Canada) and chairman of their examinations committee in psychiatry. Together they have written numerous professional publications and collaborated on The Neurofeedback Book: An Introduction to Basic Concepts in Applied Psychophysiology, which has become a basic text in the field of EEG Biofeedback.

About the Biofeedback Federation of Europe

The Biofeedback Federation of Europe (BFE) is community interest company in the UK leading the way to share knowledge in the field of biofeedback. Through its Learn From the Best program, it offers a variety of webinars, online classes, courses, software and workshops with applications in healthcare, mental health, optimal performance and sport. Content is developed independently by International Research & Education Project teams. For more information, visit the BFE Online Shop.

Contact: Carol Meyers

BFE Education Manager


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Chapters of The Arc Selected for National Center on Criminal Justice and Disabilitys Pathways to Justice Training Program

Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

The Arc is pleased to announce that five chapters of The Arc were selected to pilot implementation of The Arcs National Center on Criminal Justice and Disabilitys (NCCJD) Pathways to Justice Training Program. Through this program, chapters will help build the capacity of the criminal justice system to effectively identify, serve and protect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), many of whom have "mild" disabilities that often go unnoticed among criminal justice professionals without appropriate training.

Each chapter will create and/or strengthen their current multidisciplinary team on criminal justice and disability issues (what NCCJD is referring to as Disability Response Teams) and gather roughly 50 trainees from law enforcement, victim advocacy and the legal profession for a one-day training on criminal justice issues. The selected chapters are listed below:


ROXO Announces Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita as Holiday Spokesperson

Detroit, Mich (PRWEB) October 03, 2014

ROXO announced today they will be featuring Disneys FROZEN, Marvel's SPIDERMAN, THE AVENGERS and HELLO KITTY as their Holiday/Christmas Box Sets, among other sets including Guardians of the Galaxy. They will donate 11% of their retail and internet sales of these holiday sets to GENERATION RESCUE, an organization that brings hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to those affected by Autism.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Star Jacqueline Laurita will serve as the ROXO celebrity spokesperson for this holiday initiative, Founder of ROXO Greg Ramfos announced today. Ramfos said We are thrilled to have Jacqueline as our spokesperson for this holiday season. ROXO will donate a total of 11% of retail and internet sales from their holiday gift sets starting October 10 thru December 24 to Generation Rescue.

Laurita will do multiple media interviews on TV, radio and print to bring awareness to Autism through Generation Rescue. The ROXO holiday gift sets are available at Kohls, other national retailers and online at

Laurita said, Whenever I find something cool for my kids, I have to share it with others. This holiday season I found ROXOs trendy Holiday Gift Box set (for boys & girls). It features three colorful silicone Disney's Frozen interchangeable charm bands in a DIY kit, including detachable chrome charms of their favorite Frozen characters. They can mix & match band colors and charms or trade with friends! This makes it fun for all kids. The charms easily snap on and off so they can customize their own bands. What kid doesn't get excited about Frozen right now? It's the perfect stocking stuffer; use in holiday gift bags; or as a gift for them and their friends.

Jacqueline also stated For my 5-year-old son, Nicholas (who has Autism), I bury the charms in his Theraputty for him to pick out, which helps him with his fine motor skills. What I love about this company is that they are donating 11% of the sales to one of my favorite Autism Charities 'Generation Rescue.' They help families with financial need to get the support they need for medical treatments and therapies for their child, among other things. It's an easy and amazing way to give back where everybody wins!"


The highest grossing animated film of all time has captured the hearts of children and adults all over the world, and now you can literally wear your Frozen heart on your sleeve with the ROXO Frozen Gift Set. The ROXO Frozen Gift Set features three ROXO interchangeable charm bands with your Frozen favorites. Princess Anna, Princess Elsa, Kristoff, the lovable snowman Olaf and goofy reindeer Sven are displayed in high-res photos encased in our silver finished charms. ROXO interchangeable charm bands allows the wearer to pop photo quality charms on and off soft, colorful silicone bands; perfect for swapping the characters with friends, matching the bracelet to an outfit and customizing the band for a unique and individual look. Let it go and be true to yourself by making your ROXO band your own. No matter if its winter or summer, your Disney Frozen band will always be in style

ROXO has become one of the American Cinderella stories of the year, former Automobile Executive Greg Ramfos created ROXO and established it in 2010. ROXO, LLC is a family-owned business. With the goal of creating an affordable, customizable accessory for kids in which they could show off their individuality, ROXO developed their patented interchangeable charm band. They carry officially-licensed lines with iconic brands like Disney, Pixar, Marvel Comics and their extending properties, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, the NBA, NHL and a number of NCAA teams. To learn more about ROXO, visit

ROXO has exploded in the market place this year and is now in most major retail stores nationwide. In 2014 they are doing in sales monthly, what they were doing yearly last year. This is a true American made American done right company that once again proves that the American Spirit is still very much alive when it comes to companies based in the U.S.A.

ROXOs soft, colorful silicone bands come in a wide variety of awesome colors and feature detachable chrome charms showcasing characters from iconic brands. ROXO allows the wearer to snap the charms on and off the band, making it 100% customizable. Mix and match charms, swap out band colors and share with friends for a completely unique look. ROXO charm bands also have a one-of-a-kind Custom Charm Creator on where people can upload photos of their friends, families, pets, company logo anything at all to create a band that is truly unique and represents the person wearing it! Build up the band with charms and actually wear your heart on your sleeve.


Generation Rescue is the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders. We are usually the first resource families turn to when facing a diagnosis.

Generation Rescue educates, supports, advocates and truly empowers families affected by autism to achieve a better quality of life today and encourages healthy choices for future generations.
Generation Rescue currently helps more than 25,000 families affected by autism spectrum disorders offering programs nationwide that provide services on a local level and providing mentors in 39 countries around the world.


Autism impacts 1 in 17 households and is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the country.
The impact and implications of autism can be scary and hard hitting for families. For example, 92 percent of families have reported that their child is in danger of wandering from home, and 80 percent of marriages that have autism in the home end in divorce.

The annual cost of autism is $ 35 billion a figure expected to significantly increase over the next decade.


Dr. Buttar Autism Treatment

Dr. Buttar, autism, treatment, vaccine injury.


Autism Advocates, Steinberg Praise States First-In-The-Nation Decision to Expand Medicaid Coverage for Low-Income Kids

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

As many as 75,000 primarily low-income California children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will become eligible for a life-altering form of treatment through Medi-Cal starting Monday September 15th, when California becomes the first state to implement a federal directive to step up Medicaid coverage for children with autism. Up to 12,000 of these children are expected to utilize the new benefits, according to a coalition of California and national advocacy groups. They have joined with Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg in praising the states move.

Through this decision we have achieved and cemented the original vision of SB-946, which is full coverage under both private and public health plans for behavioral health treatment, Steinberg said, referring to the autism insurance reform law he authored in 2011. This important milestone will ensure that all children in California, regardless of their insurance or economic status, will have access to life-changing treatments for autism spectrum disorders.

On Monday, the state Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) will issue an All-Plan Letter to Californias Medi-Cal managed care plans directing them to start covering behavioral health treatment, such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), for individuals with autism up to age 21. Medi-Cal insures more than 5 million children, approximately half of the children in California. Until now, autism treatment has not been available to low-income Californians with ASD who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

While 75,000 children could be eligible, experience in California and other states has shown about 1 in 6 will ultimately utilize behavioral health treatment based on medical necessity and other factors. Approximately 4,000 to 6,000 of the affected children currently receive no treatment, including children who lost these critical services last year in the Healthy Families to Medi-Cal transition. Another 6,000 to 7,000 of the affected children now receive behavioral health treatment through the Regional Centers; that will continue until a transition plan is developed for transfer into Medi-Cal plans.

This is a landmark moment for Californias autism community and positions the state as a national leader in delivering meaningful coverage to treat autism, the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States, said Dan Unumb, executive director of the Autism Speaks Legal Resource Center. Behavioral health treatment can dramatically improve the lives of many people with autism, enabling them to mainstream into our schools and society while reducing taxpayer costs for special education and longterm support services. This is a huge step in our ongoing efforts to ensure that all families across the country have access to essential healthcare.

After years of having to inform children and families on Medi-Cal who desperately needed treatment for autism that the state had no help for them, its incredible to be able to tell families we can help connect them to this life-altering treatment, right away, said Kristin Jacobson, president of Autism Deserves Equal Coverage. We commend the California Department of Health Care Services for moving quickly to ensure that all California children get the behavioral health therapy they are entitled to, thereby making a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable California families.

Maria Cruz of Los Angeles has a 9-year-old daughter, Shirley, who was diagnosed with autism when she was 7. Because Medi-Cal has yet to provide behavioral health treatment for autism, Shirley not only was diagnosed very late, but also has never had any treatment for her autism. She was turned down for treatment by the Regional Center and school district and has had nowhere else to turn.

I am delighted that my daughter will be able to get the treatment she so desperately needs, Cruz said. Everywhere I have gone so far the door has been shut in my face. Now our lives can get better.

In April, Maria traveled 14 hours round trip by bus from Los Angeles to Sacramento for the autism awareness rally to ask legislators to help her daughter. I asked them please to help my daughter and now they are. I am so happy!

Jazzmon Wilson from the Sacramento area has two children on the autism spectrum. Her youngest son Joshua is now getting ABA from the ALTA Regional Center. When he was 2 years old, her oldest son Timothy received the treatment from the Regional Center of the East Bay where he made great gains. But when Timothy turned 3, he was determined ineligible for further Regional Center services and his ABA was terminated.

Jazzmons insurance, Medi-Cal, did not cover ABA, so for the next three years, Timothy received no treatment. His behavior deteriorated and many of the gains he had made were lost. He has recently secured some ABA from his school district and started making progress again, but that service is ending in mid-October.

I have seen the benefits of ABA, both for Timothy and Joshua, said Wilson. I cant let what happened to Timothy happen to Joshua. I lost services once for Timothy and it took me almost three years to get them back. He cant lose them again.

Our family wouldnt survive, Wilson said. I am so relieved that I will be able to get treatment from Medi-Cal for Timothy and Joshua. I can sleep again at night.

Background: Autism spectrum disorders are a group of complex disorders of brain development characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. The prevalence of autism has skyrocketed tenfold over the past 40 years and now affects an estimated 3 million Americans. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 American children have autism, including 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls.

Behavioral health treatment has been demonstrated to improve functioning of people with autism. Studies of ABA have shown nearly half of children who receive early intensive treatment can transition into mainstream classrooms with their typically developing peers. However, treatment costs can reach $ 70,000 a year, putting it out of the financial reach of most families without some insurance coverage.

California is one of 37 states requiring state-regulated health plans to cover behavioral health treatment for autism. In addition, health plans sold through Covered California, the states health insurance marketplace, are required to cover the treatment.

Many employer health plans are self-funded and regulated by federal law which does not require autism coverage. However, many California-based employers, such as Apple, Cisco, EBAY, Facebook, Google, Intel, Oracle, PG&E, Qualcomm, Yahoo! and Wells Fargo voluntarily offer the benefit. In addition, the denial of autism benefits through self-funded plans is eroding through class action litigation challenging the prohibitions as a violation of federal and state Mental Health Parity laws.

Autism insurance coverage has become a high priority for an unprecedented number of autism advocacy, childrens advocacy, legal aid, and health advocacy organizations who have worked together to advocate for coverage. The following organizations hail the states action on establishing this new autism benefit.


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