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Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing Files Class Action Suit Seeking Treatment for Autistic Children in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii (PRWEB) September 22, 2014

Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing (AHFI) and the Hawaii Disability Rights Center filed a lawsuit on September 5th in U.S. District Court accusing the State of Hawai`i Department of Human Services of denying critically needed treatment for autistic children. The suit alleges that without the service, called applied behavioral analysis (ABA) treatment, children with autism are less likely to reach their full developmental capacity and are more likely to be institutionalized as adults, according to the CDC. The suit seeks an injunction to require the state to provide ABA to be in compliance with federal Medicaid rules. AHFI attorneys Paul Alston, Kristin Holland and Maile Osika represent the plaintiffs.

About Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing

Founded in 1991, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing counsels and represents clients in all types of civil matters,

including business disputes, real property matters, bankruptcy and insolvency, civil rights, healthcare law, employment law, government contracts, government relations, and strategic planning.

Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.

(J.E. v McManaman, CV 14-00399 BMK)


Therapy for Autistic Children – Los Angeles

Therapy for Autistic Children - Los Angeles (818)501-4240 We are the leading service provider of therapy for autistic children in Los Angeles. We offer: - community in...


Regenestem Names Renowned Stem Cell Specialists to Launch New Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Antofagasta, Northern Chile

MIAMI (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

Regenestem, one of the largest membership networks of regenerative medicine clinics worldwide, has announced the launch of a new stem cells clinic in Antofagasta, Northern Chile. The clinic, to be headed by renowned stem cell specialists DRA Maria G. Soledad Gonzalez and Angel Gallegos Freire, M.D., will provide the latest advancements in stem cell treatments and protocol for a variety of eye conditions and diseases including macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, as well as the latest anti-aging and aesthetic treatments and therapies.

Soledad Gonzalez specializes in opthamology at the Laser Surgery Clinic in Higher Vision of Antofagasta since 2003, where he focuses on refractive surgery to treat conditions like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. He incorporated minimally invasive aesthetic medicine protocols to his practice in 2012 and specializes in the harvest, preparation, activation and application of stem cell therapies for a number of chronic degenerative diseases.

Gallegos Freire, Medical Director, Policlinico Bhpbilliton M: BHP Billiton Spencea in Ubicaci


Albert P. Scheiner Shares Fact-Based Fiction About a Familys Life Altered by an Autistic Child

Providence, RI (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

The birth of an autistic child is a sad and devastating family event that alters forever the familys relationship to everyday life and deprives parents of the anticipated joy of child rearing. The excitement of the childs educational achievements are replaced by negotiating individual educational and treatment plans, navigating troubling behaviors, and visits to psychologists, neurologists, and developmentalists.

Aidens Brain written by author Albert P. Scheiner is the story about Aidens mother, Sandy, and his developmental pediatrician. Sandy is not an atypical parent of a child with autism who seeks answers and advocates for her childs best educational and social interests. The developmental pediatrician works to make the arduous journey of families who struggle to attain services for their children less difficult. Sandy finds herself submerged in an emotional tsunami while trying to decipher the information and institutional forces needed to help her child and family.

Aiden is a child with high-functioning autism. He strives to understand the people and the world around him. He does this with the help of a cell phone that he thinks improves his cognitive and social performance. With the help of a friends father who is concerned about the use of the cell phone, an autism transcranial magnetic stimulator (AUTMS) is developed. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is used in the treatment of psychiatric illness and is currently under study. Whether TMS will be effective in the treatment of autism is yet to be determined.

Although the names of the families, the schools, and the service providers have been changed, the events that are described in this book have actually occurred. The effects of the cell phone and TMS on behavioral and cognitive performance are speculative. Their uses are included to focus on the unique ability of some children with autism to invoke as yet unexplained methods that they use to calm themselves and enhance their cognitive and behavioral performance. Although Aidens success is admirable, it is by no means unique, even without cell phone and TMS use.

Aidens Brain is directed at parents and professionals who are interested in children with Aspergers Syndrome. It addresses the nature of autism from the symptomatic, neurobiological, and treatment point of view. It also provides an in-depth description of the parents emotional and administrative struggles in obtaining appropriate services, the legal rights of the child and family as it relates to the educational system, the families difficult interactions with the school, and outlines strategies for receiving optimal services and treatment for children.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author

Albert P. Scheiner is a developmental pediatrician who is professor emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. As the director of the clinic for Children with Developmental Disorders he has evaluated and provided treatment plans for hundreds of children with autism and their families.

Aiden's Brain* by Albert P. Scheiner

The Underfunded Autism Epedemic

Publication Date: 6/28/2013

Trade Paperback; $ 15.99; 99 pages; 978-1-4836-4643-5

Trade Hardback; $ 24.99; 99 pages; 978-1-4836-4644-2

eBook; $ 3.99; 978-1-4836-4645-9

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The Autistic Child: What Symptoms Parents Should Look For

The Autistic Child: What Symptoms Parents Should Look For

What symptoms should parents look for if they they think their child might have autism? Dr. Michael Morrier, Assistant Director of the Emory Autism Center, describes some of the most common...
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Air Pollution And Mercury Linked To Autism |

Air Pollution And Mercury Linked To Autism |

Does air pollution and mercury link to autism? Recent studies link exposure to air pollution during pregnancy to the rise in autistic children. Pregnant wome...

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Isabella 14- ABA Therapy severely autistic child, Reading, Pointing, Page Turning

Danielle works with Isabella reading a book. She is to turn the pages and follow along with her finger. She is being exposed to language both by auditory and...
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Columbia University Autism Treatment

Columbia University Autism Treatment


Dr David Shirinyan: New Research and Diagnosis Criteria For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr David Shirinyan: New Research and Diagnosis Criteria For Autism Spectrum Disorder

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STAR Center and Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation Launch Awareness Campaigns for National Sensory Awareness Month

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 07, 2014

In recognition of National Sensory Awareness Month, which takes place in October, the STAR (Sensory Therapies And Research) Center and Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation are excited to announce initiatives to generate awareness about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), whats being done to help families and how people can help.

Sensory Processing Disorder acts like a neurological traffic jam that prevents certain parts of the brain from receiving the information needed to understand and respond to sensation. People with SPD misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound and movement and it can impact daily activities that most people take for granted.

Help support these families by participating in National Sensory Awareness Month.


1. SPD Spin Challenge

The STAR Center has issued a SPD Spin Challenge to develop better understanding about SPD and what its like to live with SPD on daily basis. Donations will be used to fund research for treatment for SPD.

How it Works

Spin for approximately 10 seconds (e.g., on your feet, in your office chair, on a playground, roll down a hill), then balance on one foot as long as you can. You as the participant, donate $ 10 if you do the challenge, or donate more if you do not. Then you challenge others to do the SPD Spin Challenge and share your experience on social media.

To view videos of people doing the SPD Spin Challenge and to find out more, visit

Some important information:

The Spin Challenge is for fun and educational purposes only. It should not be done by those who have negative responses to movment stimulation e.g. get severely disoriented or ill. Most people have a temporary disruption of equilibrium but in a short span of time, things go back to normal. Individuals with sensory challenges may have severe or unusual responses to movement. The movement (vestibular) system is one of the bodys eight senses and contributes to balance and to the sense of spatial orientation. We hope to generate awareness of what children with SPD deal with on a daily level. Please conduct the SPD Spin Challenge only in a healthy and safe setting and manner.

For children with SPD, sensory challenges can be debilitating and affect normal activities of living, said Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, founder of STAR Center and the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation. More awareness means early intervention, services and hope for the future of our children.


2. New Membership Benefits

The SPD Foundation is highlighting new membership benefits to coincide with National Sensory Awareness Month. The value of multiple benefits far exceed the membership fee and include:

a discount at on any of their 8,000 items,
free access to SPD Universitys new Signature Lecture Series featuring prominent speakers such as Carol Stock Kranowitz, Dr. Susan Bazyk, Dr. Kay Toomey and more
10% discount on all online training programs,
free subscription to Sensory Focus magazine
the knowledge you are helping to raise awareness about SPD

Find out more at


3. Sensation Celebrations

Join the SPD Foundation in organizing, supporting or attending an event in recognition of National Sensory Awareness Month. The awareness campaigns exemplify the determination, dedication and triumph that families raising children with SPD face every day.

While October is National Sensory Awareness month, many people may want to do a summer walk event or combine it with a special event like a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah. Many of the Foundations generous supporters have asked their guests or participants for a donation in lieu of a gift for these types of events, which in turn educates friends and family about SPD. It doesn't matter what time of year you plan your event, just be creative and have fun with whatever you choose to do.

Planning an awareness event is easy with all the tips and tools provided on the SPD Foundations website. Visit the Sensation Celebration organizer page for planning tips and check out past events on the main Sensation Celebration page for some great ideas. Please let the SPD Foundation know it will be promoted on the website. Contact the SPD Foundation with questions and provide details of your event. For more information visit


About Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

The Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation, a Colorado 501(c)(3), is the world leader in research, education, and awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder, a neurological condition that disrupts the daily lives of more than 4 million Americans. The SPD Foundation offers educational programs, conducts SPD research, and provides resources for parents worldwide. Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, widely recognized as a leader in SPD research worldwide, founded the SPD Foundation in 1979. The SPD Foundation provides hope and help to individuals and families living with SPD. For more information, visit or call 303-794-1182.

About STAR Center

STAR Center, a Colorado 501(c)(3), is the premier treatment center for children and families living with Sensory Processing Disorder, feeding disorders, and other sensory conditions associated with ADHD, autism, and other developmental disorders. STAR Center offers intensive